Terms & Conditions

1. How can I participate in a Virtual Race? 

The Virtual Race is open to everyone worldwide. Go to Racemate app. Find the Virtual Race and press join to register and purchase your ticket.

2. Do I need to purchase a ticket?

You can purchase your ticket via Racemate app. Racemate is available on Google Play and App Store. Once downloaded, go to the home screen where you will find the available virtual races. Select your virtual race and follow the in-app instructions to join and pay. You can purchase your ticket using VISA, Aman, or any e-wallet.

Once you have purchased your ticket successfully, you will be able to see that you have joined the race.

*Your ticket is non-refundable.

3. How do I start the Virtual Race?

Once you join the Virtual Race from the Racemate app, you must press “Run” from inside the Virtual Race on the Virtual Race day. You must run with your mobile phone while using the Racemate app to record your distance. Distance can only be run once in one singular track.

4. How can I guarantee my race would be valid?

For a Virtual Race to be valid you must:

  • Run/ Walk outdoor during the set timeframe.
  • Start the race from inside the specific race card during the set timeframe.
  • Complete the distance you registered for in one singular track during the set timeframe.
  • Have the phone in your pocket, armband, hand, or waist bag with Racemate app active.
  • Receive any phone calls via headphones or earbuds for best pace reading while running.

* This virtual race can only be run once. It cannot be rerun.

**If any of these conditions are not met, you will be disqualified

***Any tracks with an unrealistic pace that does not pass our validation algorithm will be invalid, and hence you will be disqualified.

5. What is a Virtual Race?

A virtual race is a digital adaptation of a physical, on-ground race, made available worldwide, enabling participants to complete the race from virtually anywhere in the world. It provides the flexibility to choose your own location and complete the specified distances within the designated timeframe of the original, on-ground race.

6. Where can I find my Virtual Race results?

Once you complete a valid Virtual Race, view your results and the leaderboard in the result screen. A result screen and preliminary leaderboard will be available for participants to view. The final leaderboard will be available at the end of the Virtual Race.

9. What are the prizes?

Prizes are decided and shipped by Race organizers and are subject to change for virtual race participants.

9. Shipment

Please ensure that you provide precise contact information and address details when purchasing your ticket. It’s important to note that the ticket price includes the cost of shipping the medal when it’s shipped locally. However, for international shipping, the cost may vary depending on the shipping address and the recipient’s country. For participants outside the country of the event, to avoid incurring extra international shipping fees, please provide a local shipping address if one is available. Your medal/prize(s) will be delivered within 10-14 days after the conclusion of the race.

*Both Racemate and the race organizers retain all rights pertaining to the virtual race, including its rules and prizes.