Runfinity ChallengeJanuary 1st, 2024 - January 31st, 2024
Indoor/OutdoorThe January monthly cumulative running
challenge is here! Run/Walk, whether
outdoor or indoor, as much as you can
during the month of January.
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Runfinity ChallengeJan 1st, 2024 - Jan 31tst, 2024
This month's cumulative running challenge
is here! Run/Walk, whether outdoor or
indoor, as much as you can.
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Racemate Official Launch

May 8, 2023

The executives of two Egyptian market leaders have recently joined forces to launch a pioneering sportstech solution that is expected to disrupt the field over the coming years.


Personalized Coaching Experience

Enjoy a unique running experience with your personal digital coach, training you to become a better runner.

Your Ideal
Race Companion!


Run & mentally prepare with our race simulator & get a sense of how you will perform on race day.


Run with Racemate & receive information on upcoming terrain, nutrition stations & finish line.


Analyze your performance, view rankings, results & share your achievements with friends & family!


Track racers & send live cheers while staying updated with their live locations.

Coordinate a race

Elevate your race to the next level. Integrate with us and have your racers run with Racemate for the ultimate race experience.

Organize a challenge

Experience the benefits of Racemate regardless of the size of your event, whether it's a physical race or a virtual run.

Become a sponsor

Join our objective, Be Active Stay Healthy, helping everyone make healthier lifestyle choices.

Perfecting Your
Running Experience

Great features all in Racemate app!

Organize Community Runs

Create your own community run with different distances, and enjoy running with your friends & family. Upload your route and details & enjoy a personalized community leaderboard and live tracking feature while you run together.

Find Races Around the World

Select your affiliated race and get Racemate ready. All your races and performances are gathered in one place. We got you!
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Analyze Your Results & Performance

Track your progress; pace, splits, location, distance & elevation. Get insights on your performance and learn where you can perform better.
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Share Your Achievements

Take a picture and share your performance data with your preferred style with all your family and friends!

Strava Integration

Seamlessly integrate with Strava and connect all our great features with all that Strava has to offer. Upload your runs, routes, and much more for a killer combination.

strava integration

Find more unique features
in Racemate app!

Download now and enjoy all Racemate running features for free!


  • Lydioun
    Extremely helpful smart app!!!! Loved the whole experience, and the tracking features. I didn’t run but felt I was running near my son!! Absolutely fantastic!!
  • Aliaa Rassam
    A cool idea! It is like having a personal coach while racing
    Aliaa Rassam
  • Jasmine Dwidar
    Great companion! Loving the race simulator to be able to test my racing strategy.
    Jasmine Dwidar
  • Pyramids Half Marathon Runner
    Voice over was extremely good and energetic and motivating
    Pyramids Half Marathon Runner
  • Pyramids Half Marathon Runner
    An amazing idea and outstanding app performance!
    Pyramids Half Marathon Runner
  • Pyramids Half Marathon Runner
    Had an amazing experience running with @racemateapp during the pyramids half marathon
    Pyramids Half Marathon Runner

Run with Racemate & become a better runner

Available for free. Download now!

About the developer

Optomatica is a deep tech software consulting company specializing in developing well-integrated full-stack product solutions with Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Optimization from A-Z.

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