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Racemate is developed by Optomatica, a deep-tech company specializing in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Optimization. We have extensive expertise in Sports Tech with over 60 years of combined experience.

We offer full-stack rapid product development from A-Z in record time. Whether it is in the form of a mobile app, a webapp, a cloud service, or as part of a dashboard, Optomatica delivers fully working, customized AI solutions for your business. We have teams of senior developers and engineers working in app development, analytics, web-and backend and UI and UX design. We also offer intellectual property development to help our clients safeguard and patent their innovative ideas.

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About the developer

Optomatica is a deep-tech software consulting company specializing in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Optimization. We have deep expertise and know-how in developing innovative AI solutions and well-integrated designs that make us stand out in the global market. www.optomatica.com