Real-time Personalized Coaching Experience

Real-time personalized coaching experience

Unique running companion

Racemate is your digital running companion, training you to reach your goals. Set your target, pacing strategy and uphill effort and receive immediate personalized feedback. During your run, your coach will help you monitor your progress, including pace, splits, location, distance & elevation to help you become a better runner.

Set your targets

Set your main objective and plan a pacing strategy to maximize your efforts, resulting in improved performance with minimal exertion during your run.

Run with Different Pacing Strategies

Run/Walk Strategy

Plan regular walking breaks into your run strategy to help you perform your best when running long distances, or if you are a beginner.

Positive/Negative Splits Strategy

Distribute your effort along the run with splits that either get faster or slower by the end of your run.

Choose different coaching methods

Personalize your coaching feedback to your liking. Whether it is pace based or distance based, Racemate will help you perform your ultimate best.

Elevation profile

Upload GPX tracks/routes to run any desired track. Record and rerun your track with an accurate elevation profile

Run with your preferred running style in Racemate app

Download Racemate and reach your running goals!

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