Live a Unique

Race Experience

Real-Time Coach

Live personalized audio guidance during the race based on your target & pacing strategy.

Live Race Guidance

Stay informed with upcoming terrain, water & medical stations along with touristic facts.

Real-Time Support

Track your progress; pace, splits, location, distance, elevation & ranking while running.

Race Simulator

Mentally prepare by testing your running strategy with the race elevation profile to see how you will perform on race day.

Results & Leaderboard

Analyze your performance, view live rankings & leaderboard and share your achievement with family and friends.

Live Cheers & Tracking

Send live cheers & track your friends & family no matter where you are, as they run through the race course.

Amazing Race Day


Race route insights

Stay in control during the race by receiving audio feedback on your KPIs, ranking among other runners, upcoming terrain, and distance run. Racemate will also inform you of upcoming gate checks, water, supplement, medical stations, available toilets, and, most importantly, the finish line!

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Race results and leaderboard

See your ranking and how you performed during the race. Analyze your result, replay your run and compare your set target vs your actual performance. Receive your own digital medal to share with your friends and family.

Discover landmarks along the race

Enjoy your race while listening to the insightful commentary on important and historic landmarks along the way.

Send live cheers

Have your own personal international cheerleading squat endorsing you during the race. Personalize your message and send it live to race participants to listen to as they run.

Live track racers

Racemate offers global live tracking of all competitors during their race, allowing them to have their own personal support team throughout the event. 

For Race Organizers

Enhance your race and the participants’ experience with Racemate.
Contact us now and have your race in Racemate app.

How To Get Race Ready

Prepare for your race

Start training with Racemate to get into shape! Utilize the race simulator to select your specific race and test your running strategy with the actual race route’s elevation profile. Additionally, go for regular personalized runs while listening to your personal coach.

Free Runs

Race Simulator

Live personalized coach guidance

Set your targets and receive live personalized audio guidance to reach your goal. Customize your run to your liking with different pacing and running strategies. On race day, have Racemate as your running companion, supporting you to achieve your goal.

Analyze your performance

View your performance, results, and ranking after you finish. Replay your race performance to learn from it! Also applicable on Race Simulator and Free Run features to help you refine your performance and beat your own records.

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